Looking for M Sc Botany colleges? Come to Jaipur National university!

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Location: Jaipur

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The School of Life & Basic Sciences at Jaipur National University is one of the best M Sc Botany colleges in Rajasthan. The 2-year course encompasses a scientific study of plants that includes structure, growth, reproduction, metabolism, taxonomy, development, diseases, and evolutionary relationship of different classes of plants. It helps in grasping first-hand knowledge about the life process, production of food, fibers, and biopharmaceuticals to treat diseases and to understand environmental changes vital for the survival of life on this planet.

Address Jaipur-Agra Bypass, near New RTO office,

Jagatpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017

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Phone: +91 141 7197070, +91 8306100404